Various Artists – Big Village Records: 5 Years Strong LP

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Originally released in 2015

1. Daily Meds – Insane
(Produced by Roleo)

2. Suburban Dark featuring Jeswon – Skeletonne
(Produced by Suburban Dark)

3. Mute X Roleo – Monkey
(Produced by Roleo)

4. Ellesquire – On The Prowl
(Produced by P.Major)

5. Mathas featuring Empty – Stone Cold Sober
(Produced by Empty)

6. True Vibenation featuring Raashad Ahmad & Chris Gudu – No More
(Produced by *VULI*)

7. P.Smurf – I Heard The World Screaming
(Produced by Platterpush & Codeks)

8. Soul Benefits featuring Angel – Step Up
(Produced by Spell)

9. Reverse Polarities featuring Pukz – Dynamite Selection
(Produced by Kit Complete)

10. Loose Change – Ode To The Beatmaker
(Produced by P.Major)

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