Stickerbomb Letters


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First published in 2012

124 page paper-back

17cm x 17cm

Stickerbomb Letters features an extensive assortment of 600 cool and quirky font and typography designs. Including both alphabets on their own as well as type slogans, the stickers are fun to play with, and to use to create words from individual letters.

Introduction by Martha Cooper (Graffiti) + typography designer tbc.

Artists include: Dabs, Zids, Paper & Penna, Roid, Aroe, Town, Vibes, Das, Rose, Sonic, Ceet, Rough, Drax, Panik, Kress, Tutu, Nsane, Netic, Redy, Xeme, Dezio, Very, Foner, Cabi & many more

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