MTN Limited Edition – Hueman


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Year of release: 2018
Nationality: USA
Edition: 500 pcs.
Color: Paris Green


Hueman, born in 1985, is a California native whose influences stem from a childhood growing up in the East Bay, and a budding art career as a young artist in LA. Her interstate migrations have strongly shaped her distinct West Coast aesthetic, a perfect balance of chaos and control. Each piece begins with bold, sweeping abstract gestures, later restrained through tightly painted lines and photorealistic detail. The end result is a style she describes as “etherealism”: gauzy dream-like color fields that envelope fragmented subjects and prismatic shapes, creating works that appear to glow from within.

Between the constant travel to crush massive walls around the world, painting delicate works in her Oakland studio, or collaborating with major brands on products such as sneakers, cosmetics, and video game consoles, Hueman’s work is never done. You can find her in galleries and on public walls as far as London, Detroit, Miami, Mexico, and Haiti.

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