Graffit’Instincts DVD

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Graffit’Instincts is a French produced DVD exclusively showcasing large murals. The skilled group of artists featured on this DVD informally demonstrate high-end techniques in planning & execution.
Witness the evolution of 18 pieces and productions, from beginning to end.

Extra features include the basics of graffiti from cap variations, to advanced techniques & characters.

Features the following artists; Acet1, Brusk, Dare, Dran, Jaba, Jazi, Klor, Mist, Ogre, Reso, Scien, Serval, Shadow, Tilt, Yoda, Snake, Shuck2 and more.

The soundtrack is bugged, but this joint is about the productions. Believe!

Multizone / PAL

Exempt from classification

Runtime: 150+ minutes

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