Graffiti World – New Edition


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Author: Nicholas Ganz

First published in 2004

New Edition published in 2009

390 page hard cover

23cm x 22cm

GRAFFITI WORLD is the ultimate graffiti book offering a unique insight into graffiti and its creative explosion in almost every corner of the globe.

With over 2,000 pictures from more than 180 international artists, no other book is remotely as comprehensive or up to date. Australian featured artists include Burn Crew (Puzle, Flik, Dsqiz) Dmote, Kab101, Kasino, Stormie & Tash.

Nicholas Ganz combines his own first-hand experiences with quotes from the artists to offer a true insider’s perspective to the key trends and style developments that have made graffiti what it is today: a global phenomenon.

Nicholas Ganz, aka keinom, is a young German graffiti artist who has travelled worldwide to gather material for this book. Graffiti World is edited by Tristan Manco, a graphic artist in the music and television industries and director of Bristol-based Tijuana Design. He is the author of “Stencil Graffiti” and more recently “Street Logos”.

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