Gaz Hazard – Welcome To Gullywood LP

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Originally released in 2018

1. Welcome To Gullywood – featuring Ken Oath & BigFoot
(Produced by Realizm)

2. Wu Tang
(Produced by Lazy Grey)

3. Incognito – featuring Tornts
(Produced by Tornts)

4. Blueprint (Realizm Remix)
(Remixed by Realizm)

5. The Lower 42nd – featuring Lazy, Suss, Jake Biz, Overproof Pete & Simplex
(Produced by Sean B & DJ Dcide)

6. A King (Tribute To BezRock)
(Produced by BigFoot & Heata)

7. And Then Some – featuring BigFoot & Jake Biz
(Produced by AKidCalledChubz)

8. Charlie, Romeo, Sierra – featuring Porse One
(Produced by Dontez)

9. Sayin’ I Went Out
(Produced by Dontez & AKidCalledChubz)

10. Hindsight
(Produced by Realizm)

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