Dilated Peoples – The Release Party DVD/CD

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‘The Release Party’ feature film is 10 years in the making. Follow Evidence, Rakaa Iriscience and DJ Babu as captured by long time friend and collaborator Jason Goldwatch. Witness first hand, the ups and downs of the music industry through the eyes of a band.

How did the “anti-everything” left-of-center group end up on a major label? What got them there? And finally, what freed them from the major label system? Get the inside story on Dilated’s one time relationship with Capitol, and the split deal for vinyl & CD distribution that they negotiated, which was viewed at the time as an innovative business model.

Dilated Peoples spill their guts and takes it back to basics, once again breathing new life into Independent Hip-Hop. This extraordinary package features 7 new and unreleased Dilated Peoples tracks as well as a documentary that will take you where no other camera has ever been!

NTSC All Region

Runtime: 90+ minutes

The Release Party CD

1. Dilated Peoples – ‘The Release Party’

2. Dilated Peoples featuring The Alchemist – ‘Spit it Clearly’

3. Dilated Peoples featuring PMD – ‘Mr. Slow Flow’ (Remix)

4. Rakaa & Babu – ‘Expansion Team Soundsystem’

5. Dilated Peoples featuring Defari – ‘Olde English’ (Remix)

6. Evidence featuring Casual – ‘Hot & Cold’ (Remix)

7. Dilated Peoples ‘The Eyes Have It’ (Remix)

Produced by DJ Babu, The Alchemist, Sid Roams & Evidence

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