Cormega – The True Meaning LP


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Originally released in 2002

1. Introspective
(Produced by Emile)

2. Verbal Graffiti
(Produced by Hangmen 3)

3. Live Ya Life
(Produced by J. Waxx Garfield)

4. Ain’t Gone Change

5. The True Meaning
(Produced by DR Period)

6. A Thin Line
(Produced by Buckwild)

7. The Legacy
(Produced by Alchemist)

8. Love In Love Out
(Produced by J-Love)

9. The Come Up – featuring Large Professor
(Produced by Large Professor)

10. Built For This
(Produced by J. Waxx Garfield)

11. Soul Food
(Produced by J. Waxx Garfield)

12. Take These Jewels
(Produced by Hi-Tek)

13. Endangered Species
(Produced by J-Love)

14. Therapy
(Produced by Hot Day Dante)

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