AZ – Doe Or Die 2LP


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Originally released in 1995
Reissued by Tuff Kong in 2018
Limited to 1000 units


1. Intro
(Produced by AZ & Lunatic Mind)

2. Uncut Raw
(Produced by LOOSE)

3. Gimme Your’s – featuring Nas
(Produced by Pete Rock)

4. Ho Happy Jackie
(Produced by Buckwild)

5. Rather Unique
(Produced by Pete Rock)

6. I Feel For You
(Produced by Amar)

7. Sugar Hill
(Produced by L.E.S.)

8. Mo Money, Mo Murder “Homicide” – featuring Nas
(Produced by DR Period)

9. Doe Or Die
(Produced by N.O. Joe)

10. We Can’t Win – featuring Amar
(Produced by Amar)

11. Your World Don’t Stop
(Produced by Ski)

12. Sugar Hill (Remix)
(Produced by L.E.S.)

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