A.G. – The Taste of Ambrosia CD

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Originally released in 2018

1. Night of Fire – featuring President Ella
(Produced by The Last Genius)

2. Everything Backwards
(Produced by Alchemist)

3. Magical World
(Produced by The Bossmen)

4. What You Talking Bout – featuring Diamond D
(Produced by Diamond D)

5. Losing My Mind – featuring Frank Vocals
(Produced by Amed Harris)

6. Fort Apache – featuring Priest Da Beast & Draf
(Produced by Chuck Platinum)

7. Marcus Garvie (Interlude)
(Produced by The Last Genius)

8. The Bronx – featuring Diamond D & A Bless
(Produced by Ray West)

9. Have It Your Way – featuring Cassandra The Goddess & Whispers
(Produced by Nice Rec)

10. Price of Fame
(Produced by K-Boogie)

11. Dead Presidents – featuring Draf
(Produced by Nice Rec)

12. Childs Play – featuring A Bless & Bugz
(Produced by Khardier Da God)

13. Andrenochrome – featuring Priest Da Beast
(Produced by The Last Genius)

14. Dinner With The Devil (Interlude)
(Produced by K-Boogie)

15. I Go So Hard – featuring Priest Da Beast & Lil V
(Produced by Creestal Fab)

16. B.L.O.W.
(Produced by The Last Genius)

17. A Word From – featuring Thirstin Howl 3rd
(Produced by The Last Genius)

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