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2Pac - Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. CD $26.95AUD

Originally released in 1993

1. Holler If Ya Hear Me
(Produced by Stretch)

2. Pac's Theme (Interlude)
(Produced by The Underground Railroad)

3. Point The Finga
(Produced by Big D The Impossible)

4. Something 2 Die 4 (Interlude)
(Produced by Big D The Impossible)

5. Last Wordz - featuring Ice Cube & Ice-T
(Produced by Bobcat)

6. Souljah's Revenge
(Produced by Bobcat)

7. Peep Game - featuring Deadly Threat
(Produced by Bobcat)

8. Strugglin' - featuring Live Squad
(Produced by Live Squad)

9. Guess Who's Back
(Produced by Special Ed & Akshun)

10. Representin' 93
(Produced by Truman Jefferson)

11. Keep Ya Head Up
(Produced by DJ Daryl)

12. Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
(Produced by Laylaw)

13. The Streetz R Deathrow
(Produced by Stretch)

14. I Get Around - featuring Digital Underground
(Produced by The D-Flow Production Squad)

15. Papa'z Song - featuring Wycked
(Produced by Big D The Impossible)

16. 5 Deadly Venomz - featuring Treach, Apache & Live Squad
(Produced by Stretch)

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